//  Origin:  UK/CH
//  Genres:  Singer Songwriter Pop
//  Years Active:  1996- Present
//  Label:  Unagi Sound
//  Live Act:  Greg Arnold (g, bv), Stephane Roul (d), Toby May (lv, b)

Toby May is a modern musical journeyman.

He produces, he mixes, he manages, he teaches and he plays just about everything. He's toured in the U.K, The U.S, Europe and Japan but for the last thirty years, he has been, most fundamentally, a singer-songwriter and a recording artist.  


Making the most of these strange days, he has put together an unlikely super-team from around the world to record a new album in his Geneva studio: Unagi Sound. 

The first single is the powerful "18".

The groove is both hypnotic and dynamic, and you'd expect nothing less, with France's Stef Roul (Anxious Records -Dave Stewart, East 17) on drums and the U.K's Dale Davis (Amy Winehouse, Paul Young) on bass.

Australian folk-rocker Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood) co-wrote the song, and sang some backing vocals (along with a solo, sung through a Beatle-esque spinning Leslie speaker). 

Then the strings swept across the Atlantic from Mark Baechle in New York, before the song finished its last exam and flew off to Portugal to get drunk, and also, to get mixed and mastered by Rui Guerreiro.


"We just turned 18, remember that summer, no-one to boss us 'round, never heard the thunder"


At first glance, "18" is a sunny celebration of "that summer"; the one where we turn 18 and we're free: no more school, no more rules, no serious adult responsibilities. 

But, as with all of Toby' songs, there's far more at play here beneath the surface.

Deep in this lush sonic valley, he is actually singing about a relationship turning 18, and the whole thing is far more nuanced than we might, at first, suspect. 


Supported by his trio (Arnold and Roul), Toby will be releasing "18" for this summer and like every other musician on the planet, he can't wait to get out and play live again, and for the journey to continue on stage.   

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