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Greg Arnold & The Suburban Daydreamers

On Tour June/July 2024 EUROPE
Full Band or duo acoustic

In super exciting news Greg Arnold, Stef Roul and Toby May are putting the band back together for a few shows in June-July 2024.

Greg has moved back to Australia (where he has played sold out shows in every capital city with Things of Stone and Wood - Acoustic), but he is really looking forward to returning to his second home of Geneva to play some gigs with his musical brother-from-another-mother, Toby May. The musical collaborative team will be at full force with mighty French drummer, Stef Roul, too. They'll be producing records for Unagi Sound, but most importantly, they'll be rekindling the flame that saw them play so many awesome shows since 2016. 

Greg Arnold and The Suburban Daydreamers released  full length studio album IN THE SKY back in October 2023. Recorded and produced at Unagi Sound. In The Sky, Until the Rain or yet Tick Tock are getting great feedback, the tunes are getting plenty radio play in Australia.

And, here's how it all began:

For twenty years Greg Arnold (Australia) and Toby May (CH/UK) have both been travelling the world's singer-songwriter highway. In some ways, it's a little strange they only met so recently. Greg has toured North America, Europe and Australia, as a solo artist and with his chart topping, award winning folk-rock band, Things of Stone and Wood. Toby has toured North America, Europe and Japan as a solo artist. Having somehow avoided each other for twenty years, when they did finally meet at a gig in Geneva the two instantly recognised that they shared the same language and experiences of new-millennium troubadours. So they did what such people do best ... they had a jam, man. And from that jam came a supergroup group of sorts - two people throwing songs at each other - three acts in one. Plumbing their successful back catalogues and brand new songs and utilising their shared multi-instrumental skills (and Toby's mastery of a band-in-a-box looper) they conjure a sound much larger than the sum of the parts.

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